Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shin Chon Gets Reviewed By The Sun And Will Appear (??) On The Travel Channel Monday

Shin Chon Garden will appear on the Travel Channel on Monday's version of Bizarre Foods America, reports Richard Gorelick in the Sun.

Actually, Gorelick didn't report that definitively in Wednesday's column.  He appears to have a press release from the Food Network saying that the Baltimore show will be Monday, but the PR people must be mum about the actual restaurants -- and presumably vicious to newspaper critics if they go off script.

Gorelick assembled evidence like a federal prosecutor -- old Andrew Zimmern tweets ("Shin Chon . . . is one of the top ten Korean BBQ experiences in America.")  and the official episode synopsis (... Korean blood sausages . . .") -- to suggest what will be on Monday's episode.  I can add evidence that Zimmern at blood sausages at Shin Chon with this photo.

In advance of the show, Gorelick reviewed Shin Chon and recommended the Korean barbecue and several other dishes.  Shin Chon is one my Top 10 restaurants in Howard County.  If you want to try, you can read all my Shin Chon posts -- probably best to start from the bottom.

Now we'll have to tune in and see what Zimmern shows. . .

According to Gorelick, Zimmern's tour of Korean food was led by local Henry Hong, who you should definitely check out on WYPR podcasts.  Korean has wonderful flavors, and I think the barbecue is great for anyone who likes thin-cut meat served with tons of fresh and pickled vegetables.  The menu includes blood sausage and octopus, but you can eat brisket, pork belly, cabbage, potato salad and tons of other super-accessible items.  My Korean 101 post has easy-to-follow instructions.


Gabrielle said...

Just a couple of questions:
- Is Korean blood sausage much different in taste from black pudding or "veres hurka" (Hungarian blood sausage)?
- the instagram picture of the blood sausage could not have been taken at Shin Chon since it shows blood sausage on a tray, and Shin Chon is not a cafeteria style restaurant. Lotte food court, maybe?

Rob said...

Yeah, looks like they filmed in Lotte Plaza off Rt 29/40 and had the soondae before going to Shin Chon. Does the grocery at Lotte have an eat-in area? Great episode of Bizarre Foods America, by the way.

Rob said...

Also love that they covered Woodberry Kitchen.