Monday, March 4, 2013

Candied Fruit At Tere's Latin Market: Easy Slice-And-Eat Dessert WIth A Mexican Flair

Candied fruit from Tere's Latin Market
Mexican candied fruits are back in full effect -- the easiest exotic dessert that you can buy off the counter at Tere's Latin Market on Rte 40.

Fruta cristalizada is a treat created by repeatedly submerging the fruit in scalding water and sugar syrup.  I discovered them two years at the Estrellita Market in Jessup that closed down in 2011.  Last summer, Tere's had limes and figs, but now, they have the full box with oranges, papaya and even candied sweet potatoes.

You can go to Tere's for great casual Mexican food at the taqueria.  The front has Latin groceries, and the fruit is a terrific pick-up.  As I wrote last summer, the figs could be chopped onto cookies.  The citrus could become endless things.  The oranges are actually hollow.  It looks like fruit, but it's really just a sphere of candied rind.  

These are delicious enough to just pick up for a few dollars.  (I forgot to write down how much each piece costs, but it's about a dollar.)  But they're beautiful and unusual enough to make a dinner party.  Slice the fruit.  Make a little tray with cookies.  They're lightly sweet -- the orange and lime are delicate and light, the fig is sweeter and thicker.  It's the best kind of convenience food.

Seriously, Tere's is worth a trip just for the taqueria.  At lunchtime, folks line up for tacos, sandwiches and more.  Get the horchata.

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kevlar51 said...

I picked up some of the oranges and limes last time I was there. But I was a bit at a loss as to how to eat them--do I eat the rind? In the end, I cut them up, popped them in my mouth and sucked on them until the flavor was gone and then through it out :)

Still a huge fan of their chorizo tacos--also really like the packaged chorizo in their meet cooler.