Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here Comes Spring! Strawberry Sign At Gormans

Here comes spring!  Gorman Farms in Laurel has posted the strawberries signs.

Still just "Coming Soon."  But it's exciting just to know that the fields are ripening.

Obviously, the pick-your-own will start when the plants are ready.  Last year, it started the first week of May.  Two years ago, my friend picked the last strawberries in early June.

So keep an eye on the sign and let me know!!


M. Monax said...

Does Gorman Farms usually have strawberries so early? I am accustomed to getting 'berries at Larriland in late May (a few weeks later than my Southern upbringing would prefer.). I would be delighted to get some sooner!

HowChow said...

I think the first weeks of May were early. That was 2012 after the warm winter. But I assume the microclimate really affects strawberries, so I'd call Gorman and see when they expect strawberries this year. I think it can vary place-to-place.