Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sonic Coming To Rte 40 In Ellicott City

Sonic Drive-In appears to be coming to Rte 40 in Ellicott City and has posted its first sign -- or at least the first sign that I have seen.

Kathy spotted the sign above on Rte 40 west of Rte 29.  It's the former site of 84 Lumber near Bethany Lane.  On the real estate sign, someone added a sign that says "Join Sonic."

Anyone know the time table?  I remember talk about Sonic in 2010, but I hadn't heard anything recently.  All that I see are some comments about rumors on an Ellicott City Patch page.

(Update:  I had a vibe that Kathy and I were late to the burger party.  Wordbones wrote about the Sonic a year ago.  And Leeann provides a Facebook link below where the Sonic folks say that they hope to break ground this summer.)


wordbones said...


Old news...


Leeann said...

Yep, that sign has been there for a while now. There's a Facebook page for the Ellicott City Sonic that I've been following because my teenage son hopes to get a job there. It has an illustration of what the proposed Sonic should look like.

Leeann said...

Here's the FB page: