Friday, April 5, 2013

Frozen Gourmet Pasta At C&B Italian Dely

Ravioli and tomato sauce
Want a quick dinner from your freezer?  Want a meal straight from Little Italy?

You can have your ravioli and eat them too if you pick up a frozen package from C&B Italian Dely in Ellicott City.

The $6 container from Frank Velleggia's Casa di Pasta isn't officially a bargain where you can buy a box of pasta for under $2.  But the ravioli makes a pretty special dinner for two.  I pulled the container from the freezer.  I pulled a jar of sauce made from Larriland tomatoes, and we ate with almost no work.
Our Casa di Pasta ravioli was stuffed with ricotta.  A real flavor, but mostly mild and creamy.  Definitely a step up from takeout, and you could jazz up the flavor with a more-interesting sauce.  I don't remember if C&B had other pastas in the freezer, but Casa di Pasta makes a bunch of varieties in Baltimore.  I need to check it out next time.

If you haven't visited, C&B Italian Dely is on Rte 40 east of Rte 29.  Consider a sandwich if you visit.  Also check out the Turkish Family Market and its pistachio candy.

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