Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Columbia Clyde's Has Reopened

Has the Clyde's open on the lakefront in Columbia?

They're renovating the Clyde's, but Clayton emailed me to say people seemed to be eating dinner there last night.  Exterior construction was continuing, but people seemed to be eating inside.

Anyone know the details?

(Update:  Clyde's is open in Columbia.  See the comments.)


James said...
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James said...

Yes, it fully reopened on 4/22.

wordbones said...


I can understand the confusion. Clyde's is open but the new facade isn't finished. Apparently there was an error in the construction drawings concerning the height of the new windows which caused sections custom fabricated storefront to be out of alignment. New pieces had to be ordered in order to complete the work. Because they have to be hand made, it will take a little more time to finish that part of the job.

The bottom line is that they are open and the inside looks great. I had lunch there on Tuesday.


Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

I read on Columbia Patch a few days ago that they were indeed open. Thanks for the further clarification, Wordbones!!

Clayton Koonce said...

I went back last Wednesday evening for dinner. Only had a burger for entree this time -- but a great burger. For dessert, though, I had an excellent lemon cheesecake -- not too lemony and made by Clyde's in-house pastry chef (Melissa?). The trouble with those new windows will be worth it. The view from inside is even better now, and my waiter explained how people in the upper bar area will have a good view of the lake and July 4th fireworks.

jamieh49 said...

The Tomato Palace has been one of my favorite restaurants in Columbia. We FINALLY made it out this past weekend. Quick breakdown:

- Pan Seared Calamari and I already miss it. To me it was the best calamari in the area. The hot plate, the fennel, the sauce… it was delicious. Hopefully this item finds its way back to the menu at some point.

- Polenta and Meatballs, also a favorite of mine. I would sometimes get this as my meal. I can be very selfish with food that I like and had no intention of sharing this with whatever party joined me.

- Garlic bread knots. This was the toughest loss for me to endure. I knew when we were sat and I saw that the heat lamp was missing by the waiter station that the knots were gone. Those knots made me happier than Texas toast at school lunch.


- Soon to be cooked cartoon tomato sauce ingredients. I love these guys and were glad they made the transition.

- Lime breath mints. Same recipe and as delicious as I remembered

- Fast, friendly, engaging staff


- A ton of new menu items. We went with an Octupus Salad appetizer that was really good. The pasta entrees were really good as usual and a few new pizzas and sandwiches were added.

All in all I thought it was really good. I’m glad they kept allot of the d├ęcor and dishes, just REALLY miss a few appetizers.