Thursday, April 4, 2013

Harris Teeter Has Opened Near Turf Valley (And It's Getting A New Facci Down The Row)

New Harris Teeter
The Harris Teeter has opened on Marriottsville Road near Turf Valley, and Adam checked it out.

The Teeters tend to be pretty similar.  There is one in Columbia and one in Fulton.  Adam, who blogs at Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp, gave his report:
Pros: Nice interior. Free Cookies for Kids. Good Looking Baked Goods and Pizza. Good selection of basically everything. 
New Facci
Cons: Who pays 1.29/lb for cabbage? Produce and meat prices are high. Hand holding in the store. Funky exiting for parking.
But Adam was really excited by the Facci under construction in the shopping center.  The original Facci Ristorante is on Johns Hopkins Road just off Rte 29.  The owners converted a Pasta Blitz into a casual place with big Italian inspirations -- wood-fired pizzas, some homemade pastas, meat and cheese plates, and a fun, serious take on wine and Italian food.  Now, the north county can get a taste.

Anyone know the timing for the new Facci to open?


Marcia said...

No info on Facci, sorry!

Seems to me HT is a bit high on many prices. But, at least with the one in Maple Lawn, produce was in good condition, meats & seafood looked good, store was clean. And they carried some things the other stores didn't. Not my weekly shopping store, but ok for stopping in for an item or two.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the owners of the Perfect Pour are opening a wine bar / wine shop in the same shopping center.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am not the only one who thought the prices were incredibly high. Just glancing at stuff that can be easily compared- they had 2 liter of pepsi on sale for $1.70 (sale price theyhad a normal price of over $2). Even the beans were pricey. I didn't look at meat prices. Pizza baked in store is nice. Avocados were on sale price at $1.30 or something with the Vic card. Normally those are 1.00 on sale everywhere else. I didn't find the selection to be that interesting either. I look forward to seeing what restaurants open. I can imagine when the place gets busy it will be very hard to drive in and out of the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind they had some great grand opening deals (2 for Breyers, albeit the crappiest national brand of 'ice cream') but yes, most things seemed over-priced.

Anonymous said...

" they had 2 liter of pepsi on sale for $1.70"

What a rip off!

Wegmans non sale price is $1.50 I think and sometimes Target or Safeway has it for $1 a bottle!

Anonymous said...

Their one advantage is that they are a southern store based in North Carolina so they tend to carry items and brands that other area stores don't carry. For a southerner like me, that's good news because it can be hard to find those things in area stores.

Their sales can be fairly good but the other comments are correct: it is WAY overpriced when compared to Wegmans or Food Lion. I'll pop in there when I need some Martha White cornmeal but won't be in there often unless they become more competitive on pricing.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the new Facci discovers the wonders of seasoning and doesn't churn out horribly bland pizza like the Laurel,location does.

Leeann said...

I agree with the previous commenters. Shopped there today and it was very expensive. Got a good deal on Mangos and on soda but otherwise, I'll probably do my shopping elsewhere. Too bad because I was really looking forward to the Harris Teeter opening. I don't like the Safeway or Giant on Rte 40.

Chris said...

Definitely more expensive. I've always thought of Harris Teeter as part way between Giant and Whole Foods.

I think general staple and commodity items I won't get there (canned goods, drinks ..) but they usually have stuff I can't find at the Weis which is basically around the corner. Selection is a bit better at Teeter and the prepared foods are better.