Monday, April 8, 2013

Anywhere Know Where To Find Chicken Bulgogi?

Does anyone know a local spot with good chicken bulgogi?

We met my parents for lunch in Fairfax, and the restaurant did a mixed plate with beef, pork belly and chicken.  Terrific variety, and we haven't seen chicken on barbecue menus in Ellicott City.

I'd love a local recommendation.  My next stop may be to get a group large enough to try octopus at Shin Chon.  (Not a Mrs. HowChow favorite.)  But I'd love to try chicken as well.


perrik said...

Well, not Howard County but a little closer than Fairfax... Woomi Garden in Wheaton has chicken (option of mild or spicy). They'll also do squid on the grill, as well as the usual options.

I haven't actually tried it, though. Too busy eating BBQ pork belly

Baltimore Eats said...

Ajumma in Charles Village has chicken bulgogi. You may also want to check one of the many Korean BBQ spots between Charles and Howard Streets in Charles North. We aren't sure if they have it as well, but they may. We'd vouch and say they do.

cmam said...

1) Which restaurant is this in FFX?

2) They have chicken bulgogi at the old Lotte off of 29 and rt 40. (The place at the very back wall, Manna Restaurant.) I have to say though I really didn't like it! The chicken was too bland or not marinated enough or something. The spices just overwhelmed it. The beef bulgogi and the spicy pork belly were good though, around $8.95 gets you meat, rice, and kimchi. We've been back when we have a craving.

3) I liked the ambiance at Shin Chon, but I wasn't impressed with the freshness and quality of the panchan there. The main dishes were good (got our standard spicy pork belly and beef bulgogi) but I got a massive migraine after eating there, which happens to me whenever I eat food with MSG. I'm scared to eat there again, but I want to give it another try - does anyone know if they use MSG there and if they can do MSG-free dishes? Thanks so much!

Chris said...

I thought the HoneyPig had chicken bulgogi.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know Mona's Gourmet Carry Out? The address is
1692 Annapolis Rd Odenton, MD 21113‎
(410) 674-5900.

I stopped in but didn't eat there. A definite hole in the wall joint but I hear the food is good.

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

Lighthouse Tofu & BBQ has chicken bulgogi. We ate there last night and it was really good. Their tofu soup is also delicious. This is on Route 40, across the street from BonChon. We really liked Bethany Seafood, but this place is our new go to for korean bbq.

Akiko said...

I think Mona's (off of 175, nearby Ft Meade) makes chicken bulgogi. There's also a food truck with the word "Bulgogi" with flames on it off 175 heading towards Columbia. I'm going to say it's in Jessup? Anyways, the food there is just okay. I don't remember if it was chicken or beef bulgogi that I ordered! That's how memorable it was!

Anyways, you won't be disappointed with Mona's. Portions are HUGE.