Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is Cindy Wolf Considering A Spot in Columbia?

I always weigh whether to write about rumors.  This blog is a hobby meant to share foods and news, so I have two major rules on rumors:  only good news, only rumors about big-time people.

This qualifies:  Cindy Wolf may be opening a restaurant on the lake in downtown Columbia, specifically in the space that used to be Red Pearl next to Sushi Sono and across from Clyde's.

It started with an anonymous comment earlier today that says people are talking about Wolf opening a French restaurant.  But I worked out a few other things that make me think this is true.  Certainly, the Howard Hughes folks have big plans for the Red Pearl space, what with the nearby Whole Foods slated for 2014.  I'm hoping that other people might know more details -- or even be able to get someone to officially confirm the news.

Plus, I'm full up with Cindy Wolf excitement.  In a coincidence, we ate dinner last night at Petit Louis, the current French outpost of the Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf empire.  A blowout for us and worth every dollar.  They run spectacular restaurants.  With almost no inherent interest in French food, I had a wonderful night.  Great food.  Great wine.  Great people.

Mrs. HowChow and I ate at their first restaurant, Charleston, on one of our early dates.  The Foreman-Wolf hallmark is great food, but it's the wait staff that feels almost unique -- serious about food, but friendly to everyone.  They know when to talk food in detail.  They know when to leave you alone.  Last night, our Petit Louis waitress looked impossibly young, and she handled us perfectly with real advice and a light touch -- figuring out quickly that she had overestimated our knowledge of wine, then suggesting terrific glasses.

A Foreman-Wolf restaurant would be great fun in Columbia.  That Red Pearl space was big for a Chinese restaurant, but I assume it could handle a higher-end space.  I hope it would be a good neighbor to Sushi Sono.


EastCoastMatt said...

that would be amazing. I love all of her restaurants. If you haven't tried chingale yet, you may want to. Right across the street from charleston.

brsmaryland said...

Maybe a Cindy Wolf restaurant would break the spell of that corner spot being a revolving door for so many years!

Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Sun confirmed the rumor on June 17th.