Monday, May 28, 2012

Soft Stuff's Last Summer As An Ice Cream Stand; Will Re-Open In 2013 As An Ice Cream Parlor

The Soft Stuff ice cream stand will offer up soft-serve ice cream all summer -- and then will be reborn in 2013 as an ice cream parlor, reports Karen Nitkin in the Sun.

Amid the explosion of frozen yogurt places, Soft Stuff is throwback -- a wooden stand overlooking Rte 40 that sells good soft-serve ice cream and the chance to enjoy your cones as you lean against your car.  Soft Stuff was one of the first places that I blogged about, and it's a center-piece for the "ice cream on a summer night" post that I need to update for 2012.

I'm sure the parlor will be fun too, but you should definitely enjoy Soft Stuff on one of these hot summer nights.  As much as it pains me to identify anything that opened in 1984 as "historic," I am pretty sure that you won't see a stand like this on Rte 40 in the future.

Nitkin also has a second story about the closing of the Forest Diner next to Soft Stuff.

Just between you, me and your general contractor, the article notes that the owners hope to have the first building constructed in time to open a Soft Stuff parlor for 2013.  No one should count on construction timetables.


Ken Oh said...

The beginning of that title made my heart skip a beat. Don't do that to me!

Food Nomad said...

It won't be the same! At least it's sticking around.