Thursday, May 31, 2012

HowChow Commandos Now Living In Wegmans

Two weeks to Wegmans, and it's getting pretty exciting here at HowChow.

True Wegmans lovers won't be able to wait in the lines at the opening on June 17.  That's why the first team of HowChow commandos snuck into the building using a stolen Imperial shuttle.  They are living secretly beneath the cheese department.

At dawn this morning, General Solo snuck out of hiding to snap this photo of Wegmans.  You can see that it is cleverly disguised now as a supermarket.  In the normal Wegmans construction process, they pave the aisles with gold and install the celestial choir in just the final few days.

Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.


Fred said...

Ha! We went through the same thing here in Frederick last year. I didn't go near the place for the first month it was such a madhouse. But things have calmed down and now I do all my main grocery shopping there.

Bclass said...

I stop by the one in Frederick on my way home from Pittsburgh. It's always a Sunday afternoon, and the place is practically empty. I'm in and out in no time. Quite different from Hunt Valley!

Marcia said...

Weekends are definitely not the time to go to Hunt Valley! I did go yesterday, getting things to tide me over until the crowds die down a bit in Columbia. At least I can go during the week.

K8teebug said...

I really think they should let you shop there for a few hours before it opens to everyone else.

SM said...

Didn't the commandos see the seafood department? And the floral area? I too think they should let you shop there first (of course).