Monday, May 7, 2012

Facci Is Installing An Ocean-Front Patio At Their Restaurant, And By "Ocean-Front," I Mean . . .

Cool round of couches at Facci
Facci is installing an ocean-front lounge on the side of their restaurant.

And by ocean-front, I mean a lounge looking out over the ramp from Rte 29 to Johns Hopkins Road.

The permanent roof went up over the Facci patio in the last few days.  We looked around the corner to find a really cool slate patio with a U-shaped arrangement of outdoor couches.  They circle what looks like a fire pit.  It's really cool, especially if you close your eyes and imagine that the sound of that Honda Odyssey rushing down Johns Hopkins Road is actually the sound of surf.

Look, it's a car through those twisty shrubs
You know I'm a fan.  It's the natural progression of my beloved parking lot cafe and Wordbones' hilarious idea that we find the best dinners you can eat while overlooking a stormwater management pond.  My current thought:  The new Mango Grove overlooks a beautiful pond, but you can sit outside.

Hey, we need to enjoy the spaces that we have.  If we're eating the suburbs, I will be a fan of beautiful little places even if they overlook commuters.


Anonymous said...

Based on the number of ash cans it looks like Facci has created an outdoor smoking area. This is not really what I want when I'm waiting for a table.

Anonymous said...

You mean either a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna. Those are the models of the brands' minivans. There is no Toyota Odyssey.

HowChow said...

@Anon -- Thanks. Fixed the car reference. This is obviously not an auto blog!