Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Progressive Dinners -- Guacamole To WIngs To Nutella Pizza, And That's Just The Beginning

Nutella pizza for dessert
Last week, I pushed the idea of shopping centers so chuck full of food that you could eat course-by-course at different restaurants.

I only thought of three locations, but folks filled the comments with other places -- like the inspired walk from soup at Bangkok Delight to meatballs at Tino's to dumplings at Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro and then to dessert at Cafe de Paris.

Chips at La Palapa
But I have only eaten at one.

Friday night, a group of us took out a neighbor moving to Bethesda.  I can't claim it was a meal with a theme -- chips and guacamole at La Palapa Too, wings, jarbecue, and more at Kloby's and then nutella pizza at the bar at Facci.

The exclamation point was the chili naan.  One of us ordered an "extra hot" version of the spicy bread as takeout.  We carried it into Kloby's and split it up.  Somehow half the bread ended up in one person's mouth -- folded four times to get extra hot pepper in a single mouthful.


The best way to cool off those hot Indian dishes:  white Russians.  That's a lesson from HowChow.

I actually love the other recommendations about progressive dinners.  The Rumor Mill-Pure Wine-Bean Hollow trio sounds terrific.  And I need to try that "best daifuku mochi at La Boulangerie."

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Anonymous said...

I till haven't tried that naan. As a lover of spicy foods I really need to get down there.