Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Taqueria: Tere's Latin Market Gives An Option For Tacos In Ellicott City, But No Gas

Beef and chorizo tacos at Tere's Latin Market
The beauty of a food blog is that it almost justifies getting a taco on the way to dinner with friends.

I had noticed recent comments about Tere's Latin Market talking about tacos and other specialities that I don't remember from a visit in 2008.  So I detoured there on Rte 40 one night on the way to Korean at Shin Chon Garden.

Back in the day, Tere's was just a small market.  Now, there's a taqueria in the back.  It's counter service with tacos, sandwiches, and some other dishes.  For $2.50, I picked up a snack -- and found a great little place for Mexican food.

Start with the flavor.  The first taco was al pastor.  Diced pork on two fresh corn tortillas came through moist, fresh and spicy with chopped cilantro on top.  Even the takeout packet came with sliced radish and cucumber, which crunched nicely in contrast.

Tacos al pastor
Then come around the butchering.  Mrs. HowChow -- who doesn't snack on the way to dinner -- talks about the meat at R&R Taqueria at the Shell station in Elkridge.  It comes beautifully even from a tiny kitchen.  No gristle.  No chewy pieces.  Tere's Latin Market pulls off the same trick.  The pork was just better than anything I can dice out on my own.

So I had to go back.  Like the next day for lunch.  I ordered up two tacos -- chorizo and beef.  Again, moist, flavorful meat with spices.  Chorizo was rich and greasy.  (In a good way.)  Beef was butchered right again and went great with squeezes of lime.  There is a small bar of fresh salsas and chopped peppers and other vegetables.  You can doctor them in the fashion that works for you.

Seriously folks, these were delicious tacos, and Tere's pairs them up with horchata -- the creamy, refreshing Mexican soft drink that makes a special meal.  R&R Taqueria makes a magical meal in a gas station.  Now, there is an Ellicott City option as well.

Now, I wonder if I just missed the taqueria when I walked through Tere's back in 2008.  Kevin added Tere's to Urbanspoon back in 2010.  What else have people enjoyed at Tere's?  Do you know when the tacos started?

Tere's Latin Market
8525A Baltimore National Pike (Rte 40)
Ellicott City, MD 21043

NEAR: Tere's is on the east-bound side of the Rte 40.  It's just east of Rte 29 and just before the traffic light with the Normandy shopping center.  Look for the Quizno's.  Tere's is on the end of the same shopping row.  There is parking around back.

Tere's Latin Market on Urbanspoon


John in HoCo said...

It might be heresy, but I like the al pastor tacos at Tere's better than R&R. They remind me of how R&R originally tasted years ago.

jaehastings said...

This is awesome to hear! Living in Catonsville, just up the hill from Patapsco, I drive by there every day and kick myself every time I don't stop in to try their tacos.

I will kick myself no more :)

Kelsey said...

Try the pupusas! It's a tortilla that is filled with cheese and pork or they have cheese and beans and then fried. It's served with a side cabbage salad

Anonymous said...

How's the seating?

HowChow said...

@Anon -- They have a few seats at a counter and maybe three tables. It's counter service. You just grab a seat.

Bobo said...

Just tried Tere's last night. Very good ... the real deal. Love the horchata drink and the taco with pork was delicious too.

Unknown said...

Ventured here last weekend and it was my first experience at a Taqueria. I enjoyed it so much that my other half, Leo, convinced me to try R&R the next day. R&R has been his been one of his favorites since before it was featured on television. I loved R&R too. I tried a variety of tacos at both places. The shrimp tacos from R&R were my favorite, followed very closely by the pollo taco at Tere's because I enjoyed their corn tortilla a bit more. Leo's favorite is the Al Pastor Huaraches at R&R . I'm looking forward to going back to both places.

Anonymous said...

Had chorizo huaraches last night and horchata. Delicious and filling!

Anonymous said...

Had chorizo huaraches last night and horchata. Delicious and filling!

kevlar51 said...

Finally got a chance to stop by here today. I got three tacos: al pastor, cueritos (pork rind), and chorizo. I've only ever had cueritos at R&R. Tere's cueritos was good, but I prefer R&R.

The al pastor did not taste like al pastor to me. I can't really compare it to anything else--it was really good though, and I'd get it again, just not if I really really want al pastor.

The chorizo was the star though. Best chorizo I've had. Great flavor with a subtle saltiness that really added to the taste.

Plus it was a nice little market--thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...


didn't know if you had heard, but the Quiznos next door to Tere's closed and Tere's is expanding into that space with a full restaurant, a mexican bakery in the back, and a full bar. The guy at the counter told me about it the other evening when I checked out.

omars said...

The GF and I stopped here (first time I'd been back since the place next door opened), and I was pleased that the in-store taco counter has not suffered from the fancier option next door. The menu/specials actually seemed more elaborate than last time I was here.

We had a number of tacos. Chorizo was very good, well seasoned, a little salty. Tacos al pastor (marinated pork) was delicious. The beef was the least interesting of the 3 flavors.

Green and red salsas were both flavorful and spicy, and an onion/green chili relish was particularly good. Horchata was a cheap, refreshing way to beat back the spicy tingle.

Delicious. Glad they have not gone downhill.