Saturday, May 5, 2012

Link: Mango Grove Reviewed By The Sun

Mango Grove's new location warranted a review by the Sun's Richard Gorelick, who liked the food but wished that the staff had been more willing recommend items from the two menus that they had out.

I'll recommend the jackfruit at the Columbia restaurant in a post next week.  Until then, check out my prior Mango Grove posts.

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K8teebug said...

Clearly this review was written by someone who doesn't really like Columbia very much. A quick read on your blog would have revealed they don't have their liquor license yet, and a quick check of the neighborhood would show that there's a liquor store down the street from Mango Grove or Perfect Pour off 95 south. I have always found the staff to enthusiastically suggest items from the menu (and sometimes order for me).