Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Changes In Laurel - Mango's Grill And Irene's Moving From U.S. 1 To Make Way For Walgreens

Quick update on downtown Laurel -- Mango's Grill and Irene's have both closed on U.S. 1 and aim to open just a little farther from Howard County, reports Kevin Rector on Explore Howard.

Mango's is a nice Mexican place that used to be just south of Main Street near the Rte 198 intersection.  Irene's was a place that did Mexican and Salvadoran next door.  They closed to make way for a Walgreens, according to a March column by Jeff Dudley.

Rector reported that Mango's has signed a lease a little farther south on U.S. 1.  Dudley says that Irene's is moving a little east to Rte 198 near the Home Depot.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update. I was hoping that Irene's would be reopening somewhere! I have been having pupusa withdrawal symptoms