Monday, May 14, 2012

Link: Forest Diner Closing May 28, But The Staff Is Moving Across The Street To Jilly's Restaurant

The Forest Diner will close on May 28 to make room for construction along Rte 40, but it's staff will move across the road to Jilly's, reports Wordbones in the Tales of Two Cities blog.

This is part of a redevelopment plan announced in 2009 -- although that called for the Forest Diner to stay around five years.  Back then, people said Soft Stuff would be part of the redeveloped space.  Anyone know how the soft serve ice cream stand will be affected?


Food Nomad said...

Wow. Those places bring back so many memories. I'm not so choked up about losing Forest Diner but if Soft Stuff goes that would be awful.

Marty Katz said...

A bit of history or hearsay--I was told the Double T guys kept bugging the Forest owner to sell, kept ratcheting up the pressure, then threatening to and finally building their diner right next door. He died. Jilly's stepped in. If this is indeed how it went down, we owe them a thank you for preserving it this long.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't a fan of Forest Diner. The food was bland, the menu was small.

The history behind it may be interesting, but the food wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Soft Stuff had (has?) a sign up saying they're remaining open during the construction. My guess is their new space will be one of the first ones built.