Friday, January 6, 2012

Wegmans Won't Sell Liquor, But There Will Still Be Wine And Beer (Almost) In The Columbia Store

The new Columbia Wegmans won't have its own liquor license, but it turns out that you'll be able to buy beer and wine (almost) in the store.

"Almost" because the liquor store on the site will actually be an independent third-party store adjacent to the Wegmans.  That's the report from the Wegman Twitter's account earlier tonight.  Thanks for the update Wegmans!

There is a followup to the prior post about how Wegmans won't have its own liquor license.


Anonymous said...,0,4958689.story

do you think this new "lifestyle center" will include the Whole Foods that was speculated about previously?

HowChow said...

@Anon -- I have no idea. Any idea what part of the mall will be demolished to make room for the new construction?

Wordbones wrote on Tales of Two Cities that Whole Foods was negotiating to lease part of the former Rouse headquarters across the street from the mall. I think that's owned by a company different from the one who owns the mall. But I'm not sure.

Marcia said...

Howchow - I don't use Twitter (I know, Stone Age) so wondering if you or anyone else has asked why they are putting the parking garage in front of the store? That seems to be all everyone is talking about.

Me, I figure they likely paid a site planner a lot of money and that was the best design they could come up with for some reason. I'll find the front door.