Friday, January 6, 2012

Vittorio Opens In Glenwood (Former Pasta Blitz)

The new Vittorio restaurant opened in Glenwood on Wednesday.  This is the former Pasta Blitz, which changed names like several of that small chain.

I haven't been to Vittorio, but I'm happy for every opening, grand opening or re-opening.  The Vittorio folks have a Facebook page.  I'm unclear whether people are commenting in Spanish or whether my weak Spanish actually lets me read more Italian than I'd expect.

Anyone tried the food yet?

2490 Route 97
Glenwood, MD 21738

NEAR:  Vittorio is on Rte 97 south of Rte 144 and U.S. 70.   It is close to, but south of, the Glenwood Library.


Alicyn said...

I took Italian for several years and it is definitely Spanish they're writing in - I took that for a little bit as well.

Paul B said...

We tried the calamari and pizza from Vittorio's the other night, everything was up to the standard we'd expected from Pasta Blitz, so that's a good thing. Not getting a menu ahead of time we ordered stuff that we knew they'd have... but upon taking a menu home it looks as though they're taking a page from the Facci menu with a few more artisan pizzas (nice to be able to get a Barbecue Chicken Pizza again, that had disappeared from Pasta Blitz). And they're also delivering in a 5-mile radius which covers a fair number of people in Western HoCo.