Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Italian Caramels At Facci - Wait, Those Aren't Caramels! What Do They Mean Balsamic Action?

I have been sick for the past several days, and Mrs. HowChow fortified my recovery with tea, fruit and takeout pizza from Facci Ristorante.

That is really delicious pizza.  Even after a ride home in a box, the charred crust makes it one of my favorites around.

In the takeout area, Facci stocks the walls with Italian packaged goods.  I had thought they were decorations, but Mrs. HowChow realized that they were for sale.  As a special treat, she bought me some candies.  She roughly translated the Italian label to be caramels.

Turned out to be cough drops.  Sugar free, but "filled with balsamic syrup."  Balsamic?  We had a good laugh, and it turns out that I need these more than candy anyway.

Has anyone bought other Italian goods from the display in Facci's takeout section?


Barbi said...

Ok HowChow,
I get one night out with my husband and friends....where do we go? This Sat. night. If you could pick one restaurant, price or cuisine not a concern...where would you go? Someplace honoring Restaurant Week? We just can not decide! Thanks for the help.

Stacy Lyn said...

I would say either Sono, Iron Bridge, Victoria's or Facci....

RHfoodie said...

Don't forget Ranazul