Friday, January 13, 2012

Mango Grove Still Building; New Turkish On Rte 40; And Where Do You Eat In WeHoCo?

Mango Grove is still renovating its new space.  We're desperate for a dosa, desperate enough that we were staring in the window last weekend.  They're building.  Anyone know a timetable?

In the same line of news, there appears to be a new halal butcher and Turkish grocery in Ellicott City.  That's Turkish Family Grocery at Rte 40 and Normandy Woods Drive, reported Sarah Says on Twitter. I need to check it out.

Larriland tomatoes
Now, a question: Where are the good places to eat in Western Howard County?  Dave emailed me that he and his wife are thinking about buying a house in Woodbine.  They're Columbia people.  They need some advice:
Everything in western Howard County is sort of foreign to us.  We've never gone beyond Clarksville, other than Bistro Blanc.  Are there any good dining spots out there?  What about farm-fresh food?  Seems to be a lot of farms near the house we're looking at.  I know of Larriland Farm, wasn't sure if there were other produce or meat farms out there to get some quality ingredients.  
If you have advice for Dave, please comment below.  Check the comments on all the HowChow posts.  People jump in.  This week, a bunch of people gave their feedback -- positive and not-so-positive -- about Asian Palace Fusion.  In the same way, people jumped in with comments about the macarons at Linda's Bakery.  And there was more:


B. Woodbine said...

Best place to eat when you live in Western Howard is downtown Frederick. It offers everything that HoCo lacks- character, walkable urban center, lots of unique food options, and, most impressive, something to do besides eat.

steadyflux said...

Hey, Family Market in Long Reach opens today, I am anxious to check out the new neighborhood grocer. Any inside info to be had about this place?

AJ said...

Flavors of India has Dosa's that are up to par in the meantime. I also think that some of their Indo-Chinese fare is very good....

Anonymous said...

A trip to Royal Taj by the new Wegmans may scratch that dosa itch. They have a made to order dosa guy at lunch time. Does it compare to my mother's dosa? No. But it will do in a pinch.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world.
We made the move from Columbia to Woodbine two years ago and still love it.
After all Columbia is about 30-40 minutes and so is Frederick.
As far as eating options locally we are still looking and can recommend:
J&Y Tokyo Market in Eldesburg,
great sushi to eat in or carry out
Laurenzio in Mount Airy, very nice Italian pizza place.
Town Grill in Lisbon/Woodbine, was reviewed by HowChow has great pancakes and soup, we go there mostly for breakfast.
Woodbine Inn has a good fried chicken.

Kat said...

Woodbine isn't far from Eldersburg, so if you find yourself up that way...

I second the rec for J&Y Tokyo Market: good, cheap sushi, and the chef usually provides a bonus roll with each meal.

Habib's Kabob and Bagel Cafe: never tried the bagels, but the kabobs are brilliant, and they make the bread fresh in the tandoori oven.

Frank's Pizza (near the Safeway, off Londowntown) has great NY style pizza.

Anonymous said...

I went by Family Market in Long Reach today. It is still not open. An employee told us next Friday. Through the grapevine I have heard that Safeway left the store in bad shape and that caused delays.

Anonymous said...

That Safeway was in AWFUL shape. I hated to go there and I love across the street.

In Eldersburg there is a Italian place called Liberatore's. They catered my Dad's 75th birthday. The food was great and the service very good.

Steve Fine said...

I highly recommend J&Y Tokyo Market, fresh sushi, great service, and fantastic value (they usually provide you with free bonus items). The Crossroads Pub in Dayton is a great place to go, especially for crabs and seafood. The Ten Oaks Tavern in Glenelg is worth visiting, it has a nice comfortable atmosphere and good food (you have to try their homemade potato chips). I really liked the Pasta Blitz in Glenwood, they just changed their name (to Vittoros?) There are two places along route 144 I plan to try, the Morgan Inn and a new (at least for me) place in Popular Springs. Has anyone tried these places?

Anonymous said...

I'd hardly say downtown Frederick has "lots" of unique food options.

Columbia lacks character but I'd take downtown Ellicott City over Frederick for character twice over. The shops and museums (something to do besides eat) are mutually meh.

Downtown Frederick is walkable, but not the most parkable for visitors to even attempt the walking. Again, a much easier time finding a spot in downtown Ellicott.

mdfoodlover said...

Thanks to all who commented on & suggested J & Y in Eldersburg.
We just got home from there, and I have to say I think we have a new spot to become 'regulars' at.

The fried oyster appetizer was excellent, as was the baked green mussel with some kind of peanut /?? sauce.

I had a #3 & a #4 of the daily special board. Both delicious. As noted by others, we also got a free roll to try, shrimp in soy wrapper.

Dear wife had a crab & avocado roll, plus another california style roll with cooked scallop on top.

A couple small slices of free cake, and we were presented a bill about half of which we spend at other places, for a huge meal

Yaka said...

For dosas, have you tried Flavors of India (in Columbia) or Spicy Garden (in Catonsville)? Both have more emphasize on (I believe) southern Indian foods, vegetarian dishes, an array of dosas, and Indo-Chinese dishes.

Annie said...

We live in West County. Been here seven years. Lived in Columbia 30+ years.

Bistro Blanc is great. We also like to explore new places in Mt. Airy, like Drover's and we want to try Brick Ridge. We go to Marriottsville occasionally to shop and stop there for lunch at one of the pubs. Crossroads for crabs.

Sykesville is close. So is Westminster, up 97. We hit Baugher's for breakfast some days, and then go pick apples there.

We buy meat from TLV farms, shop the Glenwood farmer's market six months a year, and there is a new smokehouse in Glenwood that we haven't tried yet. We have friends who like it.

Great organic coop with a little takeout or eat in lunch area, called the Common Market, on Buckeystown Pike. We hit COSTCO, or Wegman's in Frederick, then have lunch at the Common Market while picking up the organic and local stuff we used to get at David's when we lived in Columbia.

I find it easier to pop out on I-70 and get to less crowded areas, than to sit in traffic in Columbia.

We shop at Boarman's all the time. Great selection of meats including their homemade sausage, and they have a great price for Sam Adam's. Besides, where can you get veggies, meat, deli, beer, wine and liquor in MD at one place?

I am eating locally sourced foods, using a 150 mile radius, in a challenge once a week. I use the local farmers quite a bit to stock up on great food.

You will learn the back road short cuts really quickly. Triadelphia Road to Ellicott City, or Morgan Station to Old Frederick to Mt Airy. Forsyth to Sykesville. We shop in Lisbon or Mt Airy.

Tractor Supply is our friend, big time.

Olney Ale House, Inn at Brookeville, places we have eaten now that we have moved.

I don't miss Columbia at all. Glad we made the move out here.

Anonymous said...

The new Turkish Family Market is a nice little grocery tucked in the strip behind Dunkin Donuts on Rt. 40 at Normandy Woods. It's not nearly as large as the Caspian Market a little farther down 40, but it has a very good collection of Turkish brand canned goods, packaged baked good, etc. They offer halal meat, but there wasn't much selection yet, as the place has only been open for two weeks. Very nice Turkish family running it, very helpful. I plan to go back as soon as I have more time and take better notes of the deli type offerings.

Anonymous said...

Oops -- make that two months on how long the Turkish market has been open. Guess my Turkish is a bit rusty. They have been open since late fall according to their web site

Babs said...

First 12 years of my life in Columbia, teen years in Glenwood, now in Eldersburg...

BBQ/Pit - Smokin Hot (Glenwood), Smokey's (Eldersburg) or Carterque (Mt. Airy)

Sushi - J&Y (Eldersburg)

Pizza - J&P Pizza (Rts 26 & 27) or Bellesario's (Frederick)

Crabs - Crossroads Pub (Dayton) or Woodbine Inn (Woodbine)

Sports Bar - GL Shacks (Eldersburg) or Glory Days (Eldersburg or Frederick)

Wine Bistro - County Cork (Eldersburg) or Wine Kitchen (Frederick)

Organic Market/Section - MOMs (Frederick) or Martin's (Eldersburg)

Ice Cream - Hoffman's (Westminster)

Breakfast & Baked Goods - Baughers (Westminster)

Wine - Black Ankle Vineyard (Mt. Airy)