Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pork Sandwich At Tersiguel's

The "croque monsieur" at Tersiguel's
Four ingredients -- one great sandwich.

The proof of Tersiguel's talents are in its variation of the croque monsieur where my brain was surprised that there was no barbecue sauce at all.

The sandwich -- a variation because it isn't the grilled, cheesy version most restaurants would serve -- comes at lunch with slow-cooked pork, creamed cabbage and an alioli.  Four ingredients if you add the bread, almost plain-looking for a $12 plate.

But those ingredients sing.  Moist pork with a subtle, but strong flavor that paid perfectly with the fresh taste of cabbage.  I don't normally want creaminess in slaw, but I loved it on the Tersiguel's sandwich.  And the bread.  The bread!  Tersiguel's bakes beautiful bread -- a crisp crust, an airy interior -- for both your bread basket and for the sandwich.  The roll was soft, yet held up to the moist fillings even as I ate slowly to savor our fancy lunch.

My brain expected meat so moist and flavorful to be covered in sauce.  Tersiguel's has basically created a pulled pork sandwich, but they have the skill to bring everything out of the pork with just the simplest support.  That's the fun of a pro kitchen.

Lunch at Tersiguel's is a less-expensive way to try Howard County's most famous restaurant.  I chose between the sandwich and several crepes that looked equally delicious.  If you can catch a pretty afternoon, it's perfect to eat and then window shop along Main Street or walk downhill for a coffee at the Bean Hollow.

8293 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043

NEAR:  Tersiguel's is in downtown Ellicott City.  It's on Main Street right next to the large public parking lot.  That's just up the hill from the light at Old Columbia Pike.

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Marcia said...

You finally made it to Tersiguel's! So glad you liked it!!

Katherine said...

I like to lunch at Tersiguel's, too! It is a less expensive and less formal (than dinner) way to enjoy this nice restaurant. The last time I was there my mom had a crepe which she loved and I think it was only $9.00. I had fish with a blood orange sauce. The sauce was so amazing that I asked the server to inquire where the blood oranges were from; I can only find domestic ones around here that do not have the same flavor. She confirmed that the restaurant imports them directly so unfortunately I still do not have a source for real blood oranges. That lunch was wonderful.