Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food Finds: Best Cooking Ingredients 2011

Estrellita Market
When you want to make great food at home, Howard County offers you way more than the standard supermarkets.  Until Wegmans opens in 2012 (or the Whole Foods comes in my dreams), you'll need to cobble together good cooking at ethnic, organic and other markets.

The 2010 list was pretty good.  So I scrapped all of those and offer 10 new simple things:  
Frank's Seafood
This week, I'm posting a series of "best of" posts starting with best restaurants and best food experiences.  Then some posts about finds at stores -- the best grab and go items and the best ingredients for cooks.  You can click for all the "best of" posts.


RDAdoc said...

Another great find I've enjoyed is the soup mixes from Great Harvest. It's the next best thing to making soup completely from scratch. I found a great potato leek mix & all I had to add was potatoes & milk. It was quick, delicious & healthy. They also have wonderful chili mixes.

lgl said...

I've got to add the sausage for Boarmans Market in Highland! It's the best!