Monday, October 17, 2011

Linda's Bakery Opening In Columbia

A new bakery appears to be opening on Snowden River Parkway in Columbia next to House of India offering cakes and other sweets.

The sign says Linda's Bakery "coming soon."  There is a Web site that I found searching the Internet.  It looks like Linda has been baking for a while

The Web site promises cakes, sweets and espresso.  If Linda is the same chef from Just Desserts by Linda, then you'll be able to get some crazy looking cakes.

Linda's Bakery (opening Fall 2011)
9350-G Snowden River Parkway
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR:  Linda's is in the same shopping center as House of India and New York Deli.  It is accessible from southbound Snowden River Parkway south of the Home Depot.


Marcia said...

I wish we'd get someone baking good artisan breads. That is something really lacking in the area. Sweets, cupcakes, etc - we've got that in overload now.

Rob said...

I think the Canela Bakery breads you can get at Roots, Boarmans, and other places in the county are very good. Their rye bread is the best in the area in my opinion. I'm not sure if that qualifies as artisan though.

momomom said...


Bonaparte's has really good bread. I have a loaf of their 4 fruits in my kitchen now. Yum.

This link discusses it and where to find them.

HowChow said...

@Rob -- I agree about the breads at Roots. I think they're quite good.

I'm more of a bread person than a cake person, so I would love to see more options. One good loaf makes a meal -- and can draw me somewhere to do more shopping. But I assume it is just harder to make money selling bread.

Rob said...

I agree about Bonaparte, particularly their brushetta bread. It is so perfect for brushetta that I warn you that once you try it, nothing else will suffice.

kam said...

Please forgive me if this is a dumb question, but do the Breadery and Great Harvest not count as artisan breads? Or Bon Fresco, though they focus a bit more on sandwiches? We have a fair amount of sweets now, true, but I didn't think we really had a bread shortage, either.


HowChow said...

@kam -- I'd say that Breadery and Great Harvest have their fans. I go for more of a crusty bread than the sweet breads or the heavier ones that I have had from those places. I really liked the Breadery sour dough, so I'd put that on top with Bonaparte, Bon Fresco and the other breads at Roots or Mom's.

Personally, it's a bread shortage for me because they're not directly on my ride home from work!

kam said...

Sounds like a fair standard. I like my breads dense, like me. ;p

Great Harvest is on my way home, but usually closed by the time I leave work, so I don't often get a chance to pick up a loaf.


jcdillustration said...

Thanks HowChow for starting the buzz about Linda's Bakery! A new sign is up now and they are planning to open the doors this month in time for holiday entertaining. (Full disclosure: I am their graphic designer). =)