Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh, What A Cake Of Cupcakes! HowChow Uses Child Labor To Taste Test Local Desserts

We're not cake people at Casa de HowChow, going more for pies and cookies, rice pudding or gelato.  To test the local bakeries, we needed to hire experts.  Luckily, RDAdoc brought in a team of tasters, and they're so young that they work for cheap.  Her first test -- Oh What a Cake! in Columbia:
A couple months ago I was at a fourth birthday party and saw the coolest cake
from Oh What a Cake!  It was a cake made up entirely of cupcakes. I thought this idea was brilliant and knew I would order my son’s cake from there this year! 
My three-year-old son loves cake, but he always gets frustrated when he tries to pick up the piece with his hands and it falls apart. There is usually crying involved, and it’s a sad situation to watch. At his 2nd birthday party, the big cake crisis came when someone took the cake away to slice it, and he didn’t understand that he was going to get a piece.  For this year's party, I didn’t want any cake drama! 
My son’s birthday party was a farm theme, and I ordered adorable farm invites and decorations and had the party at Clarks Elioak Farm.  I emailed Oh What a Cake! to ask if they could make a farm-themed cake. The owner emailed me a picture of another farm cake she had made, and, although it was adorable, it wasn’t what I envisioned. I emailed her back with a picture of what I wanted, and she was able to make it. She made my son a fabulous cake that consisted of butter, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.  (Another advantage of the cupcake cake:  You can choose several flavors). 
The cupcake cake was a huge hit with my so and all his friends.  And there were no tears!! (The cupcakes also made quite a hit with the adults -- especially the red velvet ones. The cake was moist and the icing wasn’t too rich. I had multiple people ask me at the party and afterwards where I got the cake. I raved to them about the great customer service.)
Thanks to Oh What a Cake! for making this year’s birthday celebration tear free.
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kam said...

Generally the mention of "cupcake cakes" makes me think of some of the examples found over at, so it's quite nice to see one done very well. :)


Anonymous said...

Good idea but their cupcakes are not too good. Kinda dry.