Friday, October 14, 2011

Link: Safeway in Long Reach To Close Nov. 5

The Safeway in the Long Reach village center will close on November 5, according to a story by David Greisman on Explore Howard.  (Hat tip to Wordbones.)

The article says that the Columbia shopping center's owners have said an unnamed supermarket will replace the Safeway.  I have written before about my thoughts on village centers, but I hope Long Reach does get a new super market.  It does help all the businesses there.


Jill said...

I live fairly close to this grocery store and have been perplexed and admittedly sometimes irritated by how sparsely it is often stocked...this explains a lot, sadly. I've been traveling up the hill to Giant instead. I'd like to see the village center get a rebirth..the art center is a tremendous asset and it'd be nice to have another successful oasis of commerce so close to home.

K8teebug said...

This news is sad. The Art Center needs more foot traffic. It is so fantastic there! I hope the new grocery store brings in more people.