Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Link: Crab Shanty Updating Name, Menu

The Crab Shanty in Ellicott City is updating its name and menu, according to an Explore Howard article by Karen Nitkin.  Great article about how the Rte 40 institution is trying to hold on to its current (often older) clients while adding outdoor seats, small dishes, flatbreads, and more.


Cate in Columbia said...

I'm glad to see they are making some changes. I love the Crab Shanty but it is dated and a bit over priced. I hope they offer some healthier and small plate menus that offer the same quality.

Cate in Columbia said...

Well, I tried the new Shanty Grill today, won't be going back. Yes, that is my post from October. We went today for my son's graduation. Had to ask for:
Lemon for tea
ketchup for fries
the vegetable that was supposed to be served with the crab cake.
My MIL asked for wheat bread for her shrimp salad- they served on a chiabatta roll, which considering she can't chew well, was sent back- took 20 minutes to bring out the correct sandwich.

As we got the bill, the waitress told us her gratuity was included, 18% for poor service. When I questioned this, she offered to bring the manager- which again is not acceptable- we were there to celebrate, not to have a discussion with the manager as we are leaving.

Worst past, the food wasn't even that good.

Jimmy in Columbia said...

So... we went to the Shanty Grill this past Saturday. Here's the story. We were a party of 5, for dinner. 3 of us ordered salad 2 of us (my son and I) ordered crab soup. Salads came and no soup (they had run out and were making more). While waiting I asked for more bread (Complimentary with dinner according to the menu) I had eaten my two pieces waiting for the soup. I was told that they could sell us more bread but only the first 2 pieces are complimentary. With my ire rising I questioned this given the lack of soup. She offered to send the manager over, but I relented and asked her to bring me the $2 bread. When it came is was a weak presentation of bread at best. Then the soup came and it was broth with a few veggies... didn't see any crab meat. At this point I asked our waitress to take it back, she said she would send the manager over. To his credit he apologized for the soup, and took it off our tag, apologized for the Pay for Bread policy and retreated with our bowls of broth. The main course came and that was up par, my salmon was actually pretty good (although I seriously doubt it was actually cooked on the Cedar Plant on which it was served). Understand my position, the service was good, obviously the waitress was not empowered to make any decisions on the bread, and the entree was good, but the whole issue of charging me $2 dollars for bread considering the $160 I spent for dinner for 5 leaves me with a real bad taste in my mouth. It also has me questioning where else did they cheap out. It will be the first thing I think of every time we consider going out to dinner for a long time. And for what it's worth, the "Manager" that made the decision to charge for bread should be kicked squarely in the ass.