Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seasonal Chives Special At Grace Garden

We go to Grace Garden in Odenton for the best Chinese food, and many of the dishes amaze us with techniques like filling tofu pockets and forming fish noodles.

But don't miss the simple tastes.  Grace Garden always has vegetable specials, and you should pay attention because they're using whatever vegetable looked best to the chief.  Last month, we had Chinese chives.  They're long, mild chives that come with with a sweet flavor and a tender bite.  There is just enough oil to transform them into something that I couldn't make -- flavorful, but not greasy.

On our last trip, we ran into one of the folks who helped turn on the local blog scene to Grace Garden several years ago.  We had the pork and tofu at her suggestion.  We will order the Taiwanese fish on our next visit and maybe the steamed fish with rice powder because she says they're great.  And we'd like you to try the "3Ts -- tripe, tongue and tendon" and tell us about it in the comments.  That's two Ts too much for me and Mrs. HowChow, although we disagree on which T seems okay.


Gabrielle said...

This place is truly amazing! Thanks for turning us onto it. I loved the fish noodles and can recommend the pork belly with the preserved cabbage - melt in your mouth yummy goodness! I'll have to try the chives next time (soon!).

theminx said...

We tried the Triple T earlier this year and it was amazing! I wasn't sure if I'd like tripe or tendon, but at GG it's very thinly sliced so it's easy to eat, and very very tasty. We'd order it regularly, but we usually go with my brother who has a severe peanut allergy, and we're afraid to even have the stuff on the same table with food he's eating. :(

Garvin said...

the triple treasures is one of our favorite items.

The steamed fish with rice powder is also delicious. You eat the bones (not the main spine though) with the fish. The bones are fried for a long time so they are actually edible. The bones can be used as a carrier for the fish ... kind of like chips (the bones) and salsa (the fish flesh). It's really good! Makes me want to eat it now, but it is fairly expensive, so we don't get it much.

perrik said...

The 3T is delicious! I love tendon and tongue; tripe is okay, but not at the top of my list. Doesn't matter - if it comes out of that kitchen, it will be fabulous.

Tofu generally bores me, yet I love GG's tofu pockets and pang-ka tofu. I don't like eggplant at all; I could polish off a whole platter of GG's spicy crispy eggplant without any help.

You know what's the most addicting thing on the menu? The Chinese donut holes. Seriously, seriously addicting. You might think you're completely full and couldn't possibly eat another bite, but I guarantee that you will somehow find space for those little sugar bombs. (don't get them as carryout, though - they don't travel well)

Oh, and I've had the chives before, too. So simple, and so good. Darn it, I need to have lunch at Grace Garden ASAP.