Friday, October 7, 2011

Link: Blob's Park in The Sun

Erik Maza writes about Jessup's Blob's Park in the Sun -- timed for Octoberfest, but talking up the scene and the German food and beer.  I actually haven't been to Blob's, but Maza entices with me some nice turns of phrase:
When you come to Blob's, you're after a very specific kind of experience, irreverent, a little campy and avuncular, not unlike spending time at a family reunion. You don't come here for Black Forest Pizza or to listen to Alanis on the speakers. You come here for wiener schnitzels and oompah music.


Anonymous said...

Much as I love the concept of Blob's, especially entire families attending learning polka, continuing tradition, I have had some of the worst schnitzel, horrible service, etc. It may have been great in its day, but, not during my numerous visits. If you want great German food and atmosphere, try the just opened, re-built after the fire, Old Stein Inn, in Edgewater. Just wunderbar.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with the previous poster. We went last night and, having just moved back from Germany six months ago (and making my second visit to Blob's in that time) I was exceedingly excited about being able to get in a beer hall Oktoberfest experience while in my new US environs. In the end, my company made it fun, not the staff....though or waitress WAS trying, just overwhelmed... or the food. They sold us tickets to a buffet that ran out of food (and thus closed five minutes later...while we were in line. It wasn't supposed to close for another 1.5 hours). We got a refund and ordered ala carte and food proceeded to take another hour to get to us. It wasn't good when it did finally arrive. Awesome, authentic concept...really poorly executed. My only fear is that the service and poor food signal a financial demise...a self-licking ice cream cone, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Because so many of the family who run Blob's Park go to the local high school, Blob's was the location of too many sports banquets, proms, and other school events. I've been forced to go there since the 1980s. The food was ALWAYS lousy and the service was ALWAYS lousy.

K8teebug said...

Please go to the Polish Home Club in Fells Point instead! It is great and the crowd is wonderful. They have free music every Saturday night from 6:30-10. Cannot be beat!!!! (no food except pretzels but they do have a very cheap bar!)

Anonymous said...

I so wanted it to be an awesome experience and was ready to shell out for it.

Service was average to slow, food was worse.

I will say this though; they hired a SWINGING big band (full scale !) that place Count Basie, Glen Miller, all awesome stuff. I was praying a couple WWII reenactors from Gettysburg would walk in.