Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bulgogi And Terriyaki Truck In Jessup

The city food trucks gets all the trend-hyping press, but Jessup is quickly becoming a place to sample side-of-the-road food.

The Jessup trucks don't move around, but they keep multiplying -- now with Korean bulgogi from a truck on Rte 175 a little east of the prison and the wholesale produce market.  The truck sells bulgogi, teriyakis, subs, fried rice, and burgers.  It appeared to be Korean-run, so I went bulgogi.

It's a tasty little lunch. It's not a Shin Chon Garden feast, but you get a full platter of meat, rice, salad and pickled vegetables.  The meat was nicely charred, but not spicy like you might expect from Korean food.  Definitely worth a drive if you're the type to look for something new at lunch.  The truck's sign says Jessup Deli, so I assume it is connected to the deli at Rte 175 and U.S. 1.

If you're the type to drive for a little adventure, you should definitely try the run on Rte 175.  Start with R&R Taqueria in the Shell station at U.S. 1.  Then pass the prison and watch for a weekend barbecue with a Mexican flavor at Mel's Liquor and for the A&W Pit Beef truck at Duvall's Marketplace.

Jessup Deli truck
2827 Jessup Road (Rte 175)
Jessup, MD 20784

NEAR:  The truck is on the south side of Rte 175 between the prison and the BW Parkway.  It's at the intersection with Sellner Road.

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David Hobby said...

Oooh... terriyaki? How did that look?

Matt B said...

I went there and tried to for lunch today. It was only the second time i've had Bulgogi and the only thing i have to compare it to was Anna's coffee shop taco version and this was certainly light years beyond that. I thought it was great a lot less saucy then Anne's with less spices but a lot more flavor.

HowChow said...

@David -- I didn't see the terriyaki. I grabbed the bulgogi on my first visit. Did you walk there today?

Anonymous said...

They're not there anymore! Where did they go???

Anonymous said...

I am wondering the same thing. Where is the food truck?

HowChow said...

I saw the truck on Sunday afternoon. I drove past at probably 1:30, and it was set up on the side of Rte 175.

kevlar51 said...

Late to the Party, but if you drive by the Jessup corner for lunch on a Thursday, you'll be disappointed. The National Business Park off 32 and 295 has a "Farmers Market" on Thursdays, and that's where you'll find the Korean Truck--along with Reuben's Crepes and Tacos, Jumper's Grill, a guy who makes some fantastic kettle corn in lots of flavors, a bakery stand, a cupcake cart (can't remember the name), and a Farmer's stand.

Unknown said...

The truck took forever to get us our food, I've been waiting for over a half hour, closer to an hour... Unacceptable