Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Link: Facci In The WPost and the Sun

Let's start with the truth:  Facci Ristorante isn't in Laurel.  I know that's the post office's designation for Johns Hopkins Road west of Rte 29.  But that is a sliver between Columbia and Fulton.  It isn't Laurel.

But it is in the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.  The Sun's Elizabeth Large highlighted Facci in her weekly column -- and skillfully identified the location as "just south of Columbia."  The Post's Tom Sietsema wrote about Facci  in today's Food Section.  He liked his pizza, pasta and veal, and he says that he is going back.  That's pretty great for Facci.

Thanks to emkenton for spotting the WPost article.  Again, the WPost proves I'm wrong that that they *totally* ignore us.  I updated this after a comment below pointed out the Sun article.


Anonymous said...

It's in Scaggsville, I tells ya!

Erc said...

There was also a write up in the Baltimore Sun

fultie said...

check out

and plug in 20759.

that little sliver of laurel west of 29 and north of johns hopkins rd is closer to a clarksville zip code than to fulton or columbia. would love to meet the folks responsible for this brilliant piece of gerrymandering!

K8teebug said...

We went last weekend at 9;30pm and it was PACKED. We were both surprised at how nice the interior of this restaurant is. From the way the shopping center looks, we thought it would be more informal. We had the meatballs and the margherita pizza. Both were great. They also had Stella on tap at a very reasonable price!