Friday, February 5, 2010

Link: Michael's Natural Market cafe on Kevin & Ann

David's Natural Market has a cafe!!  I'm the most ridiculous blogger about food in Howard County, and I had no idea that you could buy meals at David's in Columbia.

(In my defense, I love the cheese, meat and vegetables customer at organic markets, but I'm not a heavy shopper at the places that very reasonably concentrate on packaged and frozen goods.)

But the Rheelyfats have eaten repeatedly at David's cafe, and Kevin wrote it up for the Kevin & Ann Eat Everything Blog.  If you're new to HowChow, let me again recommend Kevin & Ann.  That's the fun you want if you read food blogs.

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Hungry Bob said...

Most of their food is pretty decent. It's a much better deal than Great Sage, plus it's not all vegetarian/vegan.