Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Link: Coal Fire On MSG & Technology

Coal Fire Pizza gets a full review from Alex on the MSG & Techology blog -- photos, descriptions, and tastes of the pizza and more.

Coal Fire in Ellicott City inspires as many comments as any other restaurants.  People split on the sauce and the charred flavor.  I'm a fan, although I know that it isn't easy to turn out good pies every time.

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Pizzablogger said...

That's a good review and for the most part spot on from recent trips there.

Not sure what the reviewer meant by the crust lacking "baked flour particles" on the bottom of the crust, but a pizza crust should have minimal, to no, visable flour on the crust bottom. That's definitely a sign there is too much flour on the pizza peel and/or the oven deck is not cleaned enough. Baked flour gives a bitter note to a pizza.