Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hilarious E. Large With An Ellicott City Angle

You need to get the last few weeks of Elizabeth Large, so you should be reading her Dining at Large blog.

But even if you aren't a regular, you need to check out a short story she told today about dining at Cacoa Lane in Ellicott City years and years ago:
Very early in my career, before I imagined I would be returning to restaurants years later, my husband and I reviewed Cacoa Lane in Ellicott City under the first owners. It was just the two of us. After dinner the husband of the owner/chef came out and sat at our table. (We were the only customers there.) He lounged back and talked at length to my husband, asking him questions about his job and so on, while completely ignoring me. Hey, it was the early '70s. . . . .
Clcik for the whole story and the punchline in Large's post on Dining at Large.

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