Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Educated Guess: Columbia Wegmans Opens First Quarter 2011

We're all guessing about the future, but I may not have been crazy to hope to shop in the Columbia Wegmans on Valentine's Day 2011.

Wegmans people were talking about opening Columbia in October 2010 or maybe first quarter of 2011 during the opening of the Leesburg store in November, according to a food industry source who was nice enough to talk to me.

Everything depends on construction.  With all our bad weather, the source figures that first quarter 2011 seems more likely.

This isn't real news because Wordbones said the same thing last year.  But this adds a guess more educated than mine -- and based second-hand on comments from Wegmans.  The company only opens 2-3 stores a year, and 2010 already has two scheduled for Malvern, PA and Landover, MD on to the company Web site.  So join the "I Want The Columbia, Md. Wegmans" Facebook group, and pray for good weather.

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MaybeKathy said...

A friend of mine who works at the Hunt Valley store made this comment when I joined the FB group, "don't get in line yet, there are at least 3 stores ahead of you..."