Monday, February 15, 2010

The New Five Guys Is Open On Dobbin Road

The new Five Guys on Dobbin Road has opened, according to Kevincool who commented after eating a burger and fries there for lunch.  This is the second Five Guys in Columbia, and the franchises are good spots for burgers when they're well run.


Katie said...

According to Steve, we're going here for lunch tomorrow.

HowChow said...

Please do report back. A good Five Guys franchise will have great burgers and fries.

Katie said...

HowChow, the new Five Guys lives up to the Five Guys Burger and Fries name. It's a larger dining area than other Five Guys I have been to. We went around 1 pm and it didn't seem terribly busy and no one had thrown their peanut shells onto the floor, what's up with that?