Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Honey Pig In Ellicott City - An Update

From the parking lot, Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean BBQ in Ellicott City looks ready to start grilling meats in its hipster atmosphere, but, up close, it's still a construction zone.

(Update: Looks like Honey Pig is opening on April 1, 2010.  Check out this later post.)

I rolled past Sunday afternoon.  The sign is up, and there is already a banner advertising grand opening specials.  But they're still building the restaurant inside.  Tables and grilling vents have been installed.  But there are tools scattered everywhere along with the corrugated metal that Honey Pig installs on the wall to import the feel of a cool university neighborhood in Seoul.

People were working inside even on a snowy Sunday afternoon.  That's good, but the place still looks weeks away from opening -- although I'm terrible at those estimates.

Honey Pig will open in the Princess shopping center on Rte 40 just west of the Soft Stuff ice cream stand and the Forest Diner.  From east-bound Rte 40, you turn right at the red sign for Quest Fitness and drive up hill.  The Princess shopping center is up behind Double T diner that directly faces Rte 40.

If you want Korean food before Honey Pig opens, definitely check out Shin Chon Garden or all of my posts about Korean food in Howard County.

Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean BBQ
10045 Baltimore National Pike (Rte 40)
Ellicott City, MD 21041

NEAR:  Honey Pig is going into the shopping center behind the Double T diner.  From east-bound Rte 40, you turn right at the red sign for Quest Fitness and drive up hill.  This is west of Rte 29 near the Soft Stuff ice cream stand and the Enchanted Forest shopping center.


BeerGuy said...

Holy crap, 24 hours? In HoCo? I just refuse to believe it. Especially on Rt. 40 that far down, its dead down there.

Maybe this will force the diners to stay open later now.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen the overnight crowds at the Korean computer game shops down that way. It ain't as dead as you think. You just have to watch the traffic coming in an out of those dimly lt game rooms, front and rear doors.

Chris said...

I have been waiting for this place to open. I am soooo hyped about it! I'm pretty much tired of all the other restaurants along 40 because I'm always there.

mochabeast said...

I walked in yesterday to see if it was open. Construction was still going on. I spoke to someone (maybe the owner) and he said they should be open in the second week of March.

HowChow said...

@Anon -- What do you mean "front and rear doors?" What are the game shops?

And thanks to Mochabeast for the update.

MaybeKathy said...

Just drove by and it doesn't look like they will be ready to open next week. The inside still has a lot of unfinished construction but there's a sign up for a $9.99 Lunch Special - BBQ Ribs and Cold Noodle Bowl. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

They are open now.

Mr Dai said...

Called Annandale location to see if they were open. They said opening the 19th.

Anonymous said...

Sorry just saw your questions about the game shops now. There used to be one near Ledo Pizza in the same part of the shopping center with Shannon's. There is one near in the strip center near the 7-Eleven on Old Frederick Road. These are computer gaming rooms. And there are always people outside smoking and hanging out both at the front and rear doors. Often, into the wee hours of the morning and into dawn.

Anonymous said...

And actually, they are more like computer gaming rooms. My bad.