Monday, November 2, 2009

Venegas Prime Filet - Coming This Month?

Venegas Prime Filet sits like a birthday gift -- wrapped up and waiting to be opened.

The steakhouse announced by the owner of Ranazul to replace oZ Chophouse in Maple Lawn still says on the door that it will open in November. On Sunday, the windows were still covered in paper, but the name -- first announced in September -- is posted on temporary signs above the doors.

Opening a restaurant is hard work, so I don't always expect them to open on time. But I'm looking forward to seeing Venegas Prime Filet, and I know that the new Azul 17 in Columbia had a soft open weeks ahead of the public announcement. Has anyone heard talk about when the grills will fire up in Fulton?

If you're looking for something new in Maple Lawn, the Sidamo Coffee & Tea opened last week across from Venegas and Ranazul. If you need a steak before Venegas opens, click my post about local meat markets so you can pick out your own.


Anonymous said...

Have had two lunches at Sidamo and the food is terrific! Fresh, tasty, unique. A perfect lunch spot. Plus you can pick a tea from their large loose tea selection and they brew a fresh glass of iced tea right at your table. Support them - we want this little gem to stick around!

Anonymous said...

Notice Venegas Prime Filet was listed on Open Table. Followed that to their website which says it will be opening November 20th.

Menus also at the website:

So there you go.