Saturday, November 14, 2009

Link: Two Youngs' On The Kwok's Blog

With winter here, it's time for food to keep you warm, and The Kwok's Blog recommends the spicy tofu stew at the restaurant inside Hanoori Town in Catonsville.

The restaurant is Two Youngs, which I assume is the place on the ground floor of Hanoori Town. The stew is soon du bu, a spicy stew served with shrimp, oysters and squid. But The Kwok says the tofu stew itself is the reason to try it: "The flavors are bold and strong; I still have the flavors in my mouth hours after eating it and I still want more."

Hanoori Town is part of the shopping center with H Mart on Rte 40. It's very easy to reach from Howard County, and the H Mart is my favorite place for food. You can also buy kitchenware like bento boxes in the store downstairs. The Kwok's post is actually from October, but it's the perfect time for stew and it's a great entry into exploring the Korean food at Hanoori Town. He has other local reviews on the blog.

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Penny said...

Thanks for the recommendation! We went yesterday and I can vouch that it was DELICIOUS. And soooo filling.