Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Harris Teeter: Crazy Time In Produce

April Fool's Day comes off-season at Harris Teeter -- where they appear to be offering subtle humor in the produce section.

They're selling baby cauliflower. For $1.99. EACH.

That's right. Cauliflower just larger than a cherry for $1.99 each. They come in three colors, which is just so special. But they're smaller than a jalepeno pepper. This must be humor, right?

You're looking at $10 for a single side dish. You're looking at $40 for the entire display at the new Maple Lawn store on Rte 216, and that might feed a family of four. If that family liked cauliflower more than, say, an entire dinner of steak, vegetables,
La Brea bread, and dessert because that would actually be cheaper.

Hey, I'm a fan of Harris Teeter's exotic's fruits, but even I asked the produce guy if it was supposed to be $1.99 pound. He said no. He said he was surprised as well.

If you really want cool vegetables, check out my post about vegetable shopping in Howard County. That is part of my "What I Learned" series.

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