Friday, November 13, 2009

Trattoria Montese Opened At Waverly Woods?

Has anyone been to the new pizza place at Waverly Woods -- maybe called Trattoria Montese?

Alison first alerted me to the new place in June. But she has heard since then that the owners had problems with contractors. The Baltimore Beer Guy emailed me this week that Trattoria Montese has opened, but I haven't been there yet.

Any reports?

(Update: See below from the Baltimore Beer Guy --- loved the pasta, says it's a counter-service place that looks BYOB.)


BeerGuy said...

Just checked it out tonight, not bad! Pizza won't blow anyone away but the pasta dish I had was delicious.

The format is carry out plus about 15 tables for dine-in (not white linen, no waiter), you order at the counter for eat-in, when the food's ready it arrives at the table. Self-serv from the soda machine for drinks, probably BYOB for alcohol since I saw someone drinking a bottled beer although they don't offer beer or wine.

Not much ambience but I don't know, it left a good first impression.

The front counter displays some of their salads, macaroni pie, etc.

They have a tagline, something about their English not being very good but the food is. Owner seems to be a true blue Italian.

BeerGuy said...

BTW eating some cinammon something or other bread from Great Harvest right now, DELICIOUS. Wouldn't have known about them without HowChow, thanks again Brent for the service this site provides.

Anonymous said...

its Trattoria!!Nothing special, but as authentic Italian Pizza you can get made by real italians-there's another at Dorsey Hall..great pasta dishes and specials..Hey, I miss Chef Paolinos in the mall-so these guys are the deal now, cheap pizza what's not to love??

Work in progress said...

I drove by it last night after dinner at a friend's place. The location struck me as really odd.

Anonymous said...

Tried Trattoria Montese on 1/6/10 for lunch. Very, very good. We had the Spaghetti Pie, Greek Salad, Meat Calzone. All excellent. Will definitely go back. My husband has had the cheesesteak and also says that is great. I hope it catches on. Very reasonably priced.

Amy P. said...

We live nearby and go there frequently. Very good food, quick service, reasonable prices, friendly staff, open late (10 PM Mon-Thurs, 11 on Fri and Sat, 9 on Sun). Casual dining and carry-out. BYOB for now (fine by me, there's a liquor store in the shopping center behind them), though there's a sign posted for their liquor license hearing. Location may seem odd if you don't live in the area, but it's on the edge of a large housing development and visible from a main road. We've never seen the parking lot empty since it opened. Nice to have another food option in our little forgotten corner of HoCo!

Brooklyn Boy said...

Trattoria has good pizza as does Vocelli. The best I've found since moving here is Frank's at Routes 26/32 in Eldersburg (across from Safeway).