Thursday, November 5, 2009

Comments About "The Best," Lassis, Beer Joints, and The Diamondback Tavern

Time to return to the comment box and flag some feedback that you might have missed. As always, I appreciate all the comments. I especially enjoy helping people answer questions, and there are many that I can't do right.

First, Trip Klaus asked whether anyone knows where in Gaithersburg the second Coal Fire pizzeria will open. I had heard about Gaithersburg, but I don't know the exact address.

Second, Emily asked where can she get a great reuben in Howard County. Chuck said Charter Deli in Columbia. Etucker said Joe's Place Deli off Snowden River. Anyone else? Anyone? I'm still looking at these and at the NY Deli on Snowden itself.

If you can't answer Trip Klaus or Emily, you can still peruse all these other comments from the past few weeks:
I've been there twice. I found the restaurant is better than the food, if that makes sense. The food wasn't bad, and I like their commitment to local ingredients, but I haven't found the food to be particularly memorable either. Below is the review I left on TripAdvisor after our first time:

"I was kind of nervous about the location, tucked onto a windy street in Ellicott City's historic Main Street, particularly since we had my elderly mother with us. But dropping her off proved to be no problem at all, nor was finding convenient parking in the lot across the street. The dining room was booked for a private event, but the bar area proved to be very pleasant and had roomy seating. Our server/bartender Dustin was very knowledgeable and charming throughout the evening. They have a good draft selection including popular and local favorites. My wife was pleased to see they had Scotch eggs and was sure to order some for an appetizer. My mother commented on the fresh onion rings and was informed that almost everything was made in house. My mother enjoyed her flaky fish and chips (is everybody serving them with just one large fillet now?) My wife really enjoyed her savory brisket sandwich. I wish I had enjoyed my meal. I ordered the Low Country Shrimp and Grits. The grits were buttery and had a good texture, but the shrimp had tough skin. Perhaps that is how they are supposed to come out in this particular dish, but I just felt like they had spent too long under a heat lamp. So my dish may not have been great, but when we go back next time, I'll order something else, because we enjoyed the entire experience enough that we want to spend more time exploring their menu."


Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

I love when you do this! I read most of my blogs in Google Reader, so I usually don't see the comments - this allows me to!

Trip Klaus said...

Thanks for the help, I stopped by today and saw that the new Coal Fire will be located at 305 Main Street in the Kentlands area of Gaithersburg, however little if any work has been done. I don't know when they may open but if anyone likes Coal Fire actually travels on Monkey County you will be able to visit there.