Friday, November 20, 2009

Links: Some Homemade Blog Awards

If you enjoy HowChow, then you probably peruse other food blogs -- and, if you don't, then you should.

The fun of blogs is that we can be nice to each other, and Wendi at the Bon Appetit Hon blog has tried to start a cheeky little wave of blogs passing on kudos to each other. Wendi created her own blog awards -- the It's A Major Award!, which she promptly awarded to HowChow.

Wendi's inspiration is that her seven blogs were supposed to award blogs of their own. And so on. And so on. It's just fun, and I'm always eager to link to people who are writing good stuff. I have an entire list of recommended blogs in the right column, but here are seven local food blogs that I'll inflict with a Major Award, mostly because they're great blogs and people who I hope will be amused enough to continue Wendi's plan (please?) --


Wendi said...

Many thanks for passing on IAMA! And for getting me back to the HMart in Catonsville. I'd forgotten what good deals they have on produce.

Now, if they only offered guided tours, I could figure out what the rest of all that inventory is.

Bon Appetit Hon!

Anonymous said...

I would agree with your blog choices except BBG since he posts only on full moons and when he does it's only to regurgitate what everyone else in the beer circles get via e-mail.
-Beer Geek Zeke

Katie said...

Thanks, HowChow for the award and for introducing me to some new local blogs!

John said...

I'm a doofus. I don't think I deserve major award :) I don't post that often anymore anyway. But you've twisted my arm. Okay, I'll accept it!

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

You stay classy, Zeke.