Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RDA doc: Sidamo in Maple Lawn

Guest Post by RDA doc --

I need to start off every morning with a cup of coffee and over the last couple weeks I have been increasingly disappointed with the coffee from my usual spot. I was pleased to learn that Sidamo in Maple Lawn is now open and decided to give their coffee a try.

My son and I went there last Wednesday and not only was I very happy with my cup of coffee but the owner could not have been nicer. It was clear that he takes pride in his store and it's coffee. He told me that Sidamo’s coffee is fair trade and that it’s roasted in house daily. In addition to coffee they also sell food but I didn't have anything to eat.

We also talked about Ethiopia where he and his wife are from. He then took out an African children’s story for me to read to my son. The next day I went back and had an equally pleasant experience both with my cup of coffee and my conversation with the owner’s wife. We talked about the Ethiopian coffee ceremony that they are going to have at their store on Sunday.

I had never heard of a coffee ceremony so I looked in up on line afterwards and learned that it is a very important social occasion in the Ethiopian culture. Sidamo’s website says that every Sunday at 2:00 o'clock they present a traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony. However, their website hasn’t been updated to include their Maple Lawn location so I am not sure if this is just at their DC location or if they will also have weekly coffee ceremonies at their Maple Lawn location. I definitely plan to check it out at some point. I highly encourage everyone to try Sidamo’s coffee and I truly hope this wonderful couple’s Maple Lawn store is a success!

-- RDA doc


kristin said...

i agree - as a maple lawn resident it's nice not just to have another coffee shop but to have one where the owners are so nice and the coffee is great.
i was in there the week it opened with two friend and our 4 kids and the owner gave all the kids free hot chocolate.
i hope this place makes it!

Anonymous said...

A colleague at work was telling me about this place yesterday. He had nothing but positive remarks. Multiple endorsements. Now I must check it out.

UhOhBadDog said...

I would agree. I commented in your last Sidamo post on my initial experience, and can echo that it continues to be top notch on return visit. I would go so far to say that having Sidamo choose Maple Lawn for its' first expansion is a big win for the area. I hope that they remain here for a very long time, as I believe this would be of benefit to all. Thank you Sidamo!

betsy said...

if you find that Sidamo is not doing coffee ceremony on Sundays, Sorretti's (nee Oromia cafe) in Burtonsville does it Sunday afternoon. Genet even put out some unbreakable cups with cool water so my toddler son could experience it safely.

Anonymous said...

I had the best chai tea latte of my life (so far) earlier today at Sidamo. Also bought a pound of beans for $12. Lots of loose teas to choose from as well. Please frequent Sidamo!!

Anonymous said...

Great coffee! Everyone should go there ... don't let this great place die on the vine!

brandon said...

Stopped in this morning for the first time and I echo what everyone has said about them having very good coffee.

I was disappointed that at 8:30am there was only one other customer in the full time I was there. It would be a shame if this place were to fold.

fultie said...

I've really liked the mugs of coffee I've had at Sidamo - what's been a pleasant surprise are the sandwiches, listed unobstrusively on a chalkboard behind the counter. So far I've tried the tunafish salad sandwich as well as the Sidamo vegi sandwich, and they were both excellent. The sandwich rolls were notably good (when I asked, the server said they get them from Uptown bakers). The vegi included lentils, a garlicky pesto spread, and slices of avocado - very nice! Hopefully the surrounding business offices are discovering Sidamo as a lunchspot on weekdays, and for those in the neighborhood who are looking for a place to hang out with good coffee, good food, and free wifi - bring your netbook, relax, and enjoy.