Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yogiberry Coming To The Columbia Mall

Yogiberry is bringing the flashy frozen yogurt fad to Howard County by opening at the Columbia Mall in July 2009, according to sources.

(And Yogiberry opened on August 28, 2009.)

By "sources," I mean a comment by Susan on an old post about the Yogiberry in Olney and an email from my friend Alisha who saw the signs when she was at the mall.

Yogiberry is a DC chain serving the frozen yogurt style from Korea and LA's Pinkberry. They sell slighly sour yogurt topped with fresh fruit, candy, cereal and mochi. That mochi is my favorite. They also decorate with a modern vibe with bathrooms that look more like clubs than shopping centers.

The Columbia Mall appears to be making big changes in the food court. There have been signs for a new Five Guys burger joint since March, and a comment below says there may also be a Chipotle and an Arby's on the horizon.

If you want to try this trendy yogurt, you can also visit a Mango Berry in the Catonsville shopping center with the H Mart. Plus, Mrs. HowChow found frozen yogurt that you can eat this weekend in Howard County -- flavor and fruit, but no mochi or flash. But that is a different post.


vivinator said...

seriously columbia mall

this is what it says on their site
oops can't copy the text
it has a location in EC but says columbai mall above that

Anonymous said...

A friend told me that she also saw signs at the Columbia Mall saying a 5 Guys, Chipotle, and Arbys are coming soon. Is it true that Howard County is finally getting a 5 Guys?

HowChow said...

Yes. The mall has signs for a Five Guys as well. I first heard about it in March (and there is an old post back then), and my wife saw the sign a few weeks ago. I don't know the timetable.

shanice said...

yes a yogiberry
i want to work there
how can i apply!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

Chipotle is finally open at the Columbia Mall foodcourt. The quality of the food (the meat is organic) is better than Taco Bell, but you pay a lot more for the higher quality.

Sana said...

Where is it in the mall- I can't find it :(