Friday, June 5, 2009

Hidden Treasure Opens In Highland

A new coffee, sandwiches and salad place called Hidden Treasure opened in Highland at the corner of Rte 216 and Rte 108, according to a tip from Laura and an anonymous comment on another post.

Hidden Treasure also serves up ice cream and bakery items -- Laura vouches for the cupcakes. This is apaprently next to the Subway in the newish commerical development right at the Rte 216 and Rte 108 intersection. Easy to reach from Clarksville or from Fulton/Maple Lawn.

If you go past Hidden Treasure, you should check out Highland's landmark Boarman's -- a country grocery store at the same intersection with great sausages and crab cakes that you can make at home.


Anonymous said...

I had the fish tacos and they were great the atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is nice.

Anonymous said...

The cuban panini is AWESOME as well as the shrimp wrap. Nice place!

Anonymous said...

i had shrimp (large pieces and delicious), and dessert. great food! great service!

lurker said...

The best lattes and service with a out Starbucks..there's a new kid on the block.