Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Waverly Woods Getting A New Pizza Joint?

Does anyone know details about a new pizza place coming to the office/retail building at the entrance to Waverly Woods?

Alison emailed me and said she had heard that the pizza place off Marriottsville Road north of I-70 would be called Trattoria Montese or Montrese.  She said the rumor is that it was another restaurant by the same guys who own the Trattorias in King's Contrivance and Dorsey's Search in Columbia. 

I'm planning a return to the Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico in King's Contrivance because people really talk that place up.  Mrs. HowChow says I didn't do it justice because we have always eaten slices.

If you're looking for pizza now, check out my post about the best pizza in Howard County.


BeerGuy said...

I just checked that out yesterday, its a small storefront right at the very front of that neighborhood in the center with a salon and some other stuff as opposed to the Weis/Mangia shopping center a little further down the road.

So yeh small storefront, makes me think its going to be less sit-down, more grab-and-go.

HB said...

As for Trattoria Da Enrico in King's Contrivance, the best time to go is weekday lunch. Pick some samples of the pre-cooked slices on display, they will re-heat them for you to order. Best way to have them IMHO. And the meat calzone, greek salad, and italian cold cut are uber non-pizza fare.

msleibo said...

Dined there last night. Steamed broccoli was scrumptious; pasta dishes delicious. Cuisine seems simply prepared with fresh ingredients. Hubby and I are very happy to have them in the neighborhood.
Oh, and the tab for 2 entrées and a side? $28! With enough to take home for another meal.