Friday, June 19, 2009

Candied Fennel Seeds at Food Cravings

It is a revelation to eat the candied fennel seeds for sale at Food Cravings and other Indian markets.

Indian restaurants often have a bowl of seeds, some with candy coatings, at the door for a little breath-freshening treat. As I have written, Mrs. HowChow doesn't sample open bowls of anything, but I really enjoy the taste.

My revelation is that fresh tastes way better than stale. I opened a bag of the candied seeds, and I realized that they're naturally crunchy and way more delicious before they spend a few days softening in that bowl. Plus, the full bag of candied seeds have a better flavor than the restaurant standard where most of the seeds are au natural and only a few have candy coatings. Full candied seeds are sweeter, and the fennel taste is a touch less harsh.

Great treat for yourself. Nice to end any meal with garlic, spices, etc. Funny little gesture if you serve them in those plastic Chinese soup spoons.

If you are looking for Indian groceries, check out Food Cravings or Desi Market in Columbia or Apna Bazar or Eastern Market in Laurel. Or click here for all the posts about Indian food.


Sara said...

I always thought the coated seeds at Indian restaurants were cardamom; or are they one in the same like cilantro and corriander?

BeerGuy said...

I prefer the au naturale, without the candy coating.

HowChow said...

Sara -- I believe the seeds are fennel. I think they're different from coriander seeds, which do come from cilantro plants.

BeerGuy -- The au naturale seeds are at the Indian stores as well. But that candy coating!!!