Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comments About Trendy Yogurt, Kim Barnes' New Book and More

I keep learning from comments.  I have discovered great items from cupcakes at Touche Touchet to, well, more cupcakes at Sarah & Desmond's in Ellicott City -- and I really appreciate when people take the time to share something that they enjoy.  Often, they're commenting on older posts, so I collected some here so that other people see the news or ideas:  

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BeerGuy said...

Aji is great stuff, Spanish Mackarel, some places prepare a little differently and I haven't had it at Sono (I don't think so, anyway ...), but its got like a sweet clear sauce and some scallions on top of it.

Very refreshing.

And CrossRoads is a nice place, I'm not familiar with many other crab houses but its cool because its a bit into the country, its a nice ride heading over there and they have a covered dining area separate from the main dining area where most of the crab pickin' goes on.