Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beer Sampler at Victoria Gastropub

Victoria Gastropub offers the perfect option for people who like to sample beers, but can't throw back pint after pint.

For about $12, you get five half-pours of the dozens of beers that Victoria offers on tap. It's a buck more for some special brews, but the five five-ounce glasses are a reasonable way to either try something new or build your own selection -- all wheat beers, a light-to-dark collection, etc.

For me, the best part of my sample was that I hated one of the beers that I tasted. My face looked like I had drank something rancid, but the horrified reaction made me realize that I had truly enjoyed the other four -- and not just drank them out of some "Emperor's New Clothes" belief that the beer must be good if I'm paying this much. Twenty ounces of beer was all that I needed. It went great with the best burger in Howard County. And I went home happy.

For more about beer in Howard County, click here for my take on the "Sudsy Triangle" or go right to the Baltimore Beer Guy's blog.

(Update: I posted again about Columbia's Victoria Gastro Pub in 2010.)

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